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About me

Ali Attaran
Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Startup Consultant

I live life through design and learning technology and I am crazy about acquiring new skills! As a Graphic Designer, I am post graduated in Graphics. I have been working as a Graphic Designer for 8 years, as a self-learnt Photographer for 14 years while designing websites for 2 years with in Shiraz, Iran.
I have recently moved to Istanbul; and thereby I am learning Turkish Language and I know English too.
I own a website about selling and buying ASIC miner (cryptocurrency mining devices) and news about that.

Intro Collage, England, Iran Branch
2011 - 2013
Graphics Postgraduate
IU (International University), England, Iran Branch
2009 - 2011
Graphics High National Diploma
Cavendish University, England, Iran Branch
2008 – 2009
Graphics International Diploma
Shahid Kharaji, Shiraz/Iran
1997 – 2000
Graphics Diploma
Iranian Stars holding-Printing
Graphic designer

In istanbul

Privet WEB design office
Web site designer
Chatr Noor
sells manager Online shop outdoor light
Aresh Noor
sells manager outdoor furniture
Kamyab Iron
sells manager
Afdesta Advertising Company
2011 – 2016
  • ·        Secretary of the International Afdesta Festival, 2011-2012
  • ·        Director of Public Relations
  • ·        Official Member of the Afdesta Company
Afdesta Advertising Company
Director of Public Relations and Secretary of the Photography Festival
  • ·        Responsible for coordinating with referees
  • ·        Responsible for coordinating with festival sponsors
  • ·        Controlling participants and works
  • ·        Submitting Certificates of Participants
Shiraz Photography Association
2010 – 2011
  • ·        Internal Manager Of The Center
  • ·        Annual Policy Design
  • ·        Integrative Approach Between Other Photography Associations
  • ·        Photo Center Policies Creation
Roozane Advertising Company
2009 – 2010
Quality Supervisor
  • ·        Print And Design Control
  • ·        Publication Of Stooge Advertising Magazine
  • ·        Market Definition Training Course
  • ·        Public Relations And Marketing Courses Training
Dena Tire Factory
2003 – 2013
Marketing and design of tires
  • ·        New Products Marketing
  • ·        patterns Research and design; Discovery ,Challenger, Firestorm, BSW & WSW Pioneer, Birdstone
  • ·        Heavy Tire Production Project OTR  
  • ·        Toxic Radial Creation Project Size 205/60 R14
  • ·        Responsible for semi-heavy pressure checking TBR  
Oraman Computer Company
  • Computer equipment sales
  • Software repair and installation
  • Computer and laptop repair
  • Repair the operating system
Vice Chancellor for Health, South of Iran-Shiraz
Operator of inspection department

·        Collaboration with Shiraz Photo Center- 2005

·        Quality Supervisor of Rozane Advertising Magazine- 2008

·        Participation in the first Turquoise National Photography Festival in Tabriz

·        Passed Atelier Photography course in Ramsar under the supervision of Chaplin Tehran Company- 2008

·        University Exhibition in Abgineh Gallery- 2008

·        Participation in the second national Turquoise photography festival in Tabriz- 2009

·        Participation in the third national photography festival of Turquoise in Tabriz- 2010


·        Holding a group exhibition in Hafiz tomb, Shiraz- 2010


·        Astronomy Photography Workshop in Astronomy Center- 2010


·        Cooperation with Tabriz Municipality regarding holding Fair of Turquoise Festival in Shiraz- 2011


·        Participate in photography and Startup entrepreneurship conferences


·        Collaboration with Shiraz Photo Association- 2012


Cooperation with companies and publications (Rozane, ketab aval shiraz, Donyaye Roshan, Ahura Advertising Company, logo, etc.) and photography releases (Tahlile Rooz, ISNA, Mehr, Ilna,etc.)

Graphic Design
Repair of office machinery
Laptop and computer repair